Do You Recognize the Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency?

You Don’t Have to Live With It!

Have Any of These Symptoms?

Can’t Sleep • No Energy • Can’t Focus or Concentrate

Loss of Sex Drive • Loss of Muscle Tone

Unexplained Weight Gain • Loss of Memory

Depressed •High Cholesterol

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Lakeside Wellness was started with the intention of assisting people to optimum physical and mental potential through hormone replacement therapy.

At Lakeside Wellness, we are firm believers in the bioidentical approach. Our mentor is Dr. Gino Tutera from Sottsdale, AZ. Dr. Tutera has been researching, developing, and using a method of hormone replacement therapy for over 30 years, called Sottopelle. He has trained a vast network of providers across the country in the use of his method, which is safe and effective. For much more information on the effectiveness of Sottopelle therapy, please go to


Hormones in general circulate in our bodies from birth to old age. Some fluctuate depending upon time of day, time of the month, others seem not to fluctuate much at all. Some hormones have one specific purpose, e.g. assisting in glucose transport and uptake by all cells. Others have different effects in almost all systems. Some major hormones are described below.


Thyroid hormone comes from the thyroid gland, and is used by all cells.

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Cortisol comes from the adrenal glands. It is your survival hormone. 

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Estrogen is actually a combination of three separate hormones.

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Generally thought of as a male hormone, but women make it too.

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